Counseling Center

Counceling Center

Counseling in Vidyavahhini first Grade College is a service area which provides a non judgmental, confidential and supportive atmosphere. The environment explores the emotional and psychological problems. The staff is professionally trained to offer individual counseling. The students may confront many challenges in the current competitive world and also be faced with broken relationships. To ease out their stress and to help them to change their perspective and to facilitate adjustment, the college has a counselor.
A full time in house counselor is available to:
1. Extend help to students who have problem in coping with life stresses.
2. Help students realize their strength and weaknesses.
3. Help students examine the various coping strategies.
Students come for counseling service either on their own or when referred by their teachers. They are given an appointment and the counseling is conducted in a quiet and secluded room. Confidentiality is assured to the student.