BSW-Bachelor of Social Work

Objective of the course:

1. To facilitate education and training in Professional Social Work to those desirous of making career in the fields of Social work.
2. To sustain and enhance its excellence as an outstanding department in teaching , training ,research, consultancy and extension to produce well-evolved graduates with tremendous ability to provide leadership in the society and world at large.
3. To provide opportunities, Knowledge, Skills, attitudes and values appropriate to work with individuals, groups, communities and organizations .
4. To promote integration of theory and practice.
5. To provide inter disciplinary collaboration for better understanding of human problems, services and issues related to human development.
6. To promote among learners a sense of dedication and commitment for disadvantaged sections of the society.
7. To provide opportunities for students for personal growth.

Course of Study:

1. The course of study shall be called ‘Bachelor of Social Work’ leading to ‘BSW’ Degree.
2. The course of study for BSW Degree shall extend over a period of three academic years.